VIAC upgraded to 76.92


Technicals and Fundamentals both pointing towards uptrend in VIAC


FAANG fight to start soon — Viacom is becoming a serious threat to existence of all streaming companies. Right now the company who would buy VIAC would rule the world of streaming for decades to come. AAPL, GOOG, VZ,AMZN, NFLX, FB — Question is who would take risk of “not buying VIAC”


VIAC — Great results — congrats. It’s only a matter of time people would realize it’s value. We upgrade it from 67 to 76.92 — Right now big guys who had sold call option and collected it’s premium, are keeping the lid tight


Artificial manipulation at it’s best — Looks like some fund is moving from their fund A to fund B and pushing the prices down. Best thing we can do it wait and watch


Goldman Sachs is buying VIAC in their funds and have shared $75 as expected value. This stock has the potential to go 3x or 4x it’s current’s price levels


Credit Suisse reported they are 97% out of their forced liquidations. This is a very good news for VIAC


Short sellers trying to kill all stop loss targets by bringing it under $40. Pressure is building on shorts to cover now


AMZN buyout rumors. Let’s see if it pans out. Anyway, you can’t go wrong with a growth stock at 10 PE and 2.3% dividend yield with a 18–19% short interest. Any price under $60 is a gift


Stock manipulation continues. HOLD and BUY stocks at these levels. Our price target remains at 67.92 for short future and 100+ for long term. Buyout may be in works too — however not confirmed


VIAC has exceeded drop due to hedge fund collapse. This is a great opportunity to enter — Our target price is 67.92

PE of VIAC : 11

PE of NFLX : 94

VIAC has partnered with all major companies like Google , Apple , Verizon

We won’t be surprised if tomorrow AAPL buys VIAC for 50Billion which would still be PE of 22 which is normal PE for these kind of companies

Also, below is screenshot from Finviz — Every analyst who upgraded or downgraded — still thinks of price around $60 at minimum

Protecting investors from stock manipulations

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