Life changing stories: Tom

Tom, was a renowned business man in neighborhood, having family run store and was content managing it. However, he was always advised by his friends to have other modes of income.

So he decided to give it a shot, and invest money in stocks but was skeptical on risking too much capital on one investment and hence was seeking advice regarding the same.

While searching for various websites on trading, Tom came across TINO IQ, an app designed to detect human sentiments & machine trading patterns to convert them into trading opportunities.
Reading about its benefits, Tom decided to subscribe TINO IQ.

Tom was amused by the services offered by TINO IQ, which came across as one stop solution for the traders. The app used algorithms to predict stock prices and facilitate new consumers to trade independently, also securing them from the artificial pump and dump. It allowed to create watch list of interested stocks with a wealth checker, enabling to track all the investments. Also with various options for effective trade, it gave accurate market information, facility to learn trading via virtual trading, which made trading a very easy job, ultimately boosting confidence.

TINO IQ is a must have for traders.

Tom has been able to generate fair amount of extra income via trading and has become a pro in all the fields.

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