Life changing stories : Samuel

Samuel was a recent graduate and part time worker. He wanted to climb the financial ladder fast but was unable to find a way. Samuel always thought of trying his luck in the financial market but was afraid to do foolish mistakes being an amateur.

While discussing about his financial condition with a friend, he got introduced to an app called TINO IQ. This app was designed to detect human sentiments, machine trading patterns to convert them into trading opportunities. Hearing about its advantages, Samuel registered with TINO IQ.

After signing up Samuel was amused by TINO’s customer friendly platform. The app was a blessing for newbie’s, giving an opportunity to trade virtually to understand stock market’s working & also TINO’s prediction accuracy .TINO used its algorithms to protect the new investors from artificial pump- dump and provided market information, trading strategies, stock scanners, making it the only app to help amateurs evolve as pro trader to deal in the real world. TINO IQ lets an individual trade independently by creating a portfolio of relevant revenue generating stocks with the help of future price prediction , making it unique and gain an edge over dealers, brokers, big banks etc.

Samuel has learned the working of stock markets and trades on regular basis. He has been able to generate good and constant returns without getting affected by big players, with the help of TINO IQ

Protecting investors from stock manipulations

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