Life changing stories: Paul

Paul was a 35 year old shopkeeper, leading an average life. He always wanted a financial growth in life and thought of investing in the stock market to get constant returns but was feared by friends & family that small traders never make big gains and end up losing. Also his past experience with wall street were not pleasant either.

One day while searching ,ways to generate returns in stock market and not lose due to big players, he came across TINO IQ, an app designed to detect human sentiments ,machine trading patterns to convert them into trading opportunities. Astonished by existence of such an application, Paul decided to sign up.

After registering, he discovered enormous benefits of TINO. It was a one stop solution for all his problems, the app used various algorithms to combat artificial manipulation. It showed which stocks are showing potential high and low prices, to save you from looses. It is a very transparent, easy to use app and gives you a detailed analysis of future price of stocks, making it one of its kind. Also the app not only makes your stocks organized and trading hassle free but with constant analysis, market information, virtual trading ,makes you a pro-trader giving you an edge over dealers & big banks . In short the algorithms in TINO IQ does all the backend calculations, so that you can pick the most profitable stock quantity from the market and generate maximum gains.

It has been one year since Paul signed up with TINO IQ and has been able to generate constant returns , maintaining financial health.

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