How to use TINO IQ to make money

When you login to the application you would see a screen like below:

You can click on the circles to find out which kind of predictions meet your investing style. Then you would see a screen showing those predictions, like below:

You can see the symbol, current price, expected price and probability of success for this prediction. On the top of the window, it shows you the prediction timeframe. This means that prediction is valid from Jan-02 (Market opens) to Jan-08 (Market close). Target price is what these algorithms expect to reach anytime between those two dates. We do not recommend holding stock higher than the target price as the stock price can come back. You can even filter the predictions on the basis on algorithms by clicking on “ALL”. If you would like to see more details about this prediction, click on the Symbol and you would see a screen like below:

The above options can bring a treasure box of ideas for you. For example:

Do you know, that what stock can act as a hedge when investing in Chipotle — “Brazilian Strategy Fund” . Yes, this totally looks weird, however in these times; it’s sometimes hard to find which stock drives which stock. We run over 10 million analytics every day to find you for your various stocks which you can invest in so that your stock portfolio does not depend on anyone sector or country. Please use “Hedging Options” in the app to find these kinds of opportunities

Whenever you have lost money in the market — have you thought why you lost it “truly” — Was your mind biased towards any particular technical indicator?

There are so many indicators — moving average, RSI, ROC, Stochastics … the list goes on. How does one know which indicator to use “today” to buy/sell? We find the best indicator for the stock for “today”.

Take a look at the screenshot below of Wells Fargo Bank. The price change was an actual movement of price, so in the last 4 days, it was negative.

If you had any one of the popular indicators — like MACD, RSI, Moving averages, stochastics — YOU WOULD HAVE LOST MONEY — as those indicators were flashing green and asking you to buy Wells Fargo on dips. This is why at TINO IQ we go much deeper than these simple popular indicators to find the true movement of stock. As you can see on the first page of this report — the results speak for themselves.

Whenever you take a position in the stock and if the stock starts going down, do you just “HOPE” that stock to come up?

Our team has been working very diligently to find an answer to this question and below is a non-emotional way to manage your trades and have good risk management.

There are two color bars here — Green and Blue. Green represents numbers of successful predictions by an algorithm, while Blue represents the average percentage swing in trade in the opposite direction. For example, there were 3035 successful predictions done by algorithm A-Keynes in the last 3 years and the average swing in other direction was 2.94%. Essentially any time you are following predictions of A-Keynes and if the stock goes down by 2.94% from the predicted price — SELL THE STOCK, and move on to other stock.

Think about it, there were 3035 predictions in 3 years, which equate to nearly three predictions every day. We know that 75% of predictions are successful, so even if you have to take a loss on 2 predictions, you still make money on 6 predictions in a month. The key thing would be to follow it consistently without emotions.

Managing a portfolio and analyzing it already a daunting tasks. Before TINO IQ, I used to use “watchlists” etc on various sites like Ameritrade, Etrade, Schwab, etc. They are very good, however, the “data” moves there too fast. Real-time data is good for ‘machines’ however studies have shown we are not able to make “rational” choices when the data is moving at light speed. We present you a very “Boring” way to manage your portfolio

As of now, you can simply export your portfolio from any site and as long as you have a symbol in your file, you can upload it to TFA “” site below

In “Smart View” you can see stocks you have invested in and then there are links on right to your favorite sites like finviz, google finance, MarketWatch, etc — you can click on any of them to go to those sites. We don’t want to keep hostage on our site :-)

Additionally, lot of people are loving the “simulation view” — based on probability simulation, It shows the projected price for your stock for the next 10 days. “This is not based on TINO IQ’s core algorithms”, however a lot of people find it very useful

Do you know, Insiders are super smart — They know when their stocks are overvalued or overbought. Take an example of Jeff Wilke ( He manages a worldwide customer portfolio at Amazon.

He also happens to be a guy who really timed selling Amazon stocks at the right price, not one time, however, multiple times — He sold stocks whenever $AMZN stock was around 2000 level.

You can read the official stock filing as showing in the second picture, however, they make it super complex for you or me to understand what the heck they are doing, using all kind of codes which my human brain cannot understand.

For me, I click on ‘Smart Insights’ in the app, and there I can see the trend if insiders are buying and selling approximately at what price levels and then if I want to be Sherlock Holmes, then I can click on those transactions to read in simple English what insider was doing.

Some people are more comfortable using desktop as compared to Phones. For this TINO IQ is creating tools on desktop too. It can be accessed by going to

For example in “Trader Log” below, you can keep track of ideas. It has an easy to interface and you can even put a reminder when you want to be reminded about that idea

Protecting investors from stock manipulations

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