When you login to the application you would see a screen like below:

We started with a basic experiment, to find out which macro-economic indicators are doing to impact stocks. Here’s a list for

#SPY #DJI #NNOX #VIAC #GRPN #SOFI #ORCL #GOOG #INTC #AVGO #CSCO #TSLA #AMAT# Click on the link below to see details about these stocks


Also, we have started benchmarking expected result of our strategies against S&P500 as shown below

GRPN — It’s stock price would be directly proportional to COVID cases going down. We are estimating it’s price in short term < 4 months to be around 36–39

NNOX — Company is making all the right moves. They are just little slow on execution. This would rocket one morning, when that morning would come — we have no idea. However it would come — Ideal for buying and not looking at it daily. We speculate it would be bought by GE

Update 9/24: You can see price has already moved up by over 10% since we recommended it

For any company — hardest part is making a sale. Easiest part is cutting expenses

GRPN sits right at that point and to see it’s future, these are the only two metrics you should focus on — everything else is noise

Alice , a 32 year old hardworking single lady and a mother of beautiful twins was struggling to make ends meet due to her being the only bread winner in the family. She wanted a secure future of her baby twins but at current state it was hard even supplying the basic needs. One day, she decided to give trading a chance in hope of generating another source of income after a colleague of her suggested her.

Even after investing huge part of her monthly salary she wasn’t able to generate a reasonable income and her dream of becoming financially…

Zen, a 36 years old IT professional who earned a lot throughout his career and learned a lot too. He invested major part of his monthly savings and started trading at an early age of his career , he thought that if he is smart of enough to learn about computers he can easily grasp the concept of trading too but to his surprise only one mistake was enough to take away all his profits. Zen couldn’t believe that a smart guy like him can do such a blunder like that.

Amidst all the confusion from losing his profits he…

Kim, a 26 year old primary school teacher was living an ordinary life with extra ordinary dreams. She decided to give trading a chance to get to match with her unreasonable dreams at her minimal monthly pay check. Upon reading various journals online she knew she can’t absorb so much factors and she wanted expert guidance to let her reap the benefits of stock markets but was unable to find the right tool amidst so many sources.

One day while getting bogged down with multiple information, Kim came across this wonderful app called TINO IQ. This app was designed to…


Protecting investors from stock manipulations

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